DBT Cloud Sync Guide

To sync your documentation in DBT Cloud with SimplyPut, you need two pieces of information: Environment ID and Service Token . First, go to https://cloud.getdbt.com/ . Then follow the steps below.

Navigate to Deploy

Environment Selection

Navigate to the website cloud.getdbt.com. Click on "deploy" from the top navigation and select the "environments" option.

Select Environment

Choose Your Environment

From the presented environment list, select the environment you wish to link to SimplyPut.

Environment ID

Find Environment ID

Locate the environment ID. This information can be found in your browser's URL once you've selected a particular environment.

Account Settings

Navigating to Account Settings

Click the gear icon situated in the top right corner and proceed to "account settings".

Service Tokens

Access Service Tokens

Within account settings, look for a link titled "service tokens" on the left-side menu. Click this and create a new token for yourself.

New Token

Generating a New Token

In the top right corner, click on "new token".

Token Creation Menu

Token Creation Details

This will direct you to the new token creation menu. Within this menu, assign a name for your token. Thereafter, add "metadata only" and "semantic layer only" to the permissions of the token.

Save Token

Save Your Token

Save your token by clicking on "save".

Token Confirmation

Token Extraction

A confirmation pop-up menu will appear, asserting that the service token has been successfully created. Copy this token. This is the value needed to connect your DVD environment to SimplyPut.


If you notice that your table descriptions are appearing correctly but your column descriptions are not, you may need to add an additional step to your job. This issue can often be resolved by including dbt docs generate as a step in your job. We recommend placing this step before your build steps. This command will generate documentation for your project, which should include the missing column descriptions.