SimplyPut Web App

SimplyPut has a full-featured web app to answer your questions and look up your past question history.

Here are the various ways you can use SimplyPut in the web app:

  1. Explore page: You can ask any question of the AI on the Explore page. You can review your recent threaded conversations, or start a new thread. You can ask prepared questions verified by your organization's data admins, or manually enter new questions, and utilize AI-powered follow-up questions to dig deeper into the data. Explore page annotated with descriptions of UI elements
  2. History page: You can review a full list of your past questions on the History page. You can filter by question categories, or search by question text. History page annotated with descriptions of UI elements

Asking a question - Manually

You can start a new threaded conversation by clicking "New Thread" and typing the question in the question input.

Screengrab demonstrating how to ask a question manually in the webapp

Results will be displayed as a graph, if the the dataset is appropriate for graphing. If not, the results will be displayed as a table.

Annotated view of a question response

Or if it is a simple question, like "what is the largest smartphone", the result will be a simple text response.

Screengrab of a simple text response

You can also switch between graph and table views

Screengrab demonstrating how to switch between graph and table views

Some questions & results have been pre-verified by your organization's data admins to train the AI model on your organization's specific business data. Some questions you ask will be marked with a blue tick, and you can click the tick to see the verified question(s) that influenced the results.

You can also download the result data as a CSV, or view the underlying SQL query that was used to generate the result.

Screengrab of various actions on question results

Asking a question - Suggested

When you start a new thread, you might see a series of suggested questions (pre-verified by your org's data admins), that you can use as a launching pad for investigating your space's data.

Screengrab demonstrating how to ask a suggested question in the webapp

Every question you ask will also generated AI-powered follow-up suggestions, which you can use to easily dig deeper into your org's data.

Screengrab showing how to ask a suggested followup question

History - Reviewing past questions

The History page contains a complete list of previous questions you've asked. You can click into any question to see the full conversation thread, or copy the question text or look at the full question details (e.g. underlying SQL query).

Screengrab demonstrating how to look up previous questions in the webapp