SimplyPut Slack App

SimplyPut also offers an AI-powered Slack app designed to facilitate answering your data queries directly in Slack.

Here's how you can leverage SimplyPut within Slack:

Setting up SimplyPut in Slack Getting the SimplyPut Slack App

SimplyPut App

You can message the SimplyPut App directly. To get the SimplyPut App, click "Add Apps" in the Apps section of the Slack toolbar and then search for SimplyPut.

Setting up SimplyPut in Slack

Slack Channels and New Direct Messages (DMs)

You can also message SimplyPut in any Slack channel (public or private) where it's been added.

You can also include SimplyPut in a new DM by pressing the “New Message” button and adding SimplyPut along with other participants. Note: SimplyPut currently does not support existing DMs.

Getting Started with SimplyPut

Starting with SimplyPut in Slack

Initiate by asking SimplyPut “What do you know about?”

Important note: You can ask SimplyPut App questions directly in the Apps section of Slack without mentioning it. However, in channels or group Direct Messages (DMs), you must tag SimplyPut before your question!

Learning about Spaces on SimplyPut

You can also ask SimplyPut to give you a list of example questions you can ask.

Asking detailed questions on SimplyPut

Try asking a specific question related to a Space of interest.

Your question will intelligently be routed by the AI and answered within the associated Space.

Following up in SimplyPut threads

You can ask a follow-up question by clicking the Reply button and opening up a conversation thread.

Context-aware responses from SimplyPut

Inquiring within a thread allows SimplyPut to see suggested follow-up questions, and chat with SimplyPut to continue the conversation.

Accessing data and query details from SimplyPut

Reply with "Show the data" to see the underlying data or click "Full Details" or "Results CSV" as other options.