DBT Core Sync Guide

To sync your documentation in DBT Core with SimplyPut, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Get your API Key

First, you will need your SimplyPut API Key . You can find that on simplyput.ai by navigating to “Settings” → “API”.

Step 2: Get your Org ID

Next, you will need your SimplyPut Org ID . You can find that in the URL of the website . When you log in, you should see a URL like this:


The string between org/ and /explore is your Org ID. In the example above, the Org ID is abc123abc123 .

Step 3: Run the commands

Now that you have both the Org ID and the API Key, you can run the following commands when you make changes to DBT.

To compile your DBT project, run the following in your DBT project directory:

dbt compile

To post the manifest to SimplyPut, run:

cat target/manifest.json | curl -X POST -H "x-api-key:<api_key>" -d @- "rest.simplyput.ai/org/<org_id>/dbtManifest

Remember to replace and with your actual API Key and Org ID